Planning Electric for a Teardrop Trailer

Now that I have the trailer (in theory) it’s time to start working on the electric. I think I’m going to go with a very basic setup for the electric for a teardrop trailer. After looking around online and being a bit overwhelmed with all the options I settled for a basic setup.

Planning Electric for a Teardrop Trailer

Planning Electric for a Teardrop Trailer

There are actually some pretty nice electrical kits you can buy specifically for a teardrop. They include every part you need to wire up your teardrop.

I might buy a kit just so I have all the parts and pieces and then go from there. If you are planning a custom teardrop build, keep in mind, the more electric you have to run the more complicated it’s going to be.

Unless you are a stud electrician and really know what you are doing I would suggest finding an expert or keeping it simple.

There are so many different options for electric systems and accessories. Do you want to be able to plug into a normal wall socket? Then you will probably have to install a combo of 12v and 110v system.

Do you want to be able to plug in from an outside source like at a campground? That’s another option and set of converters you will need. What about if you decide to go with some solar? Now your getting into some crazy conversions and wiring.

I’m not that great of an electrician so I’m going to keep it as simple as I possibly can.

12v and 110v system

I’m going to keep the trailer running lights separate from the indoor teardrop system and I will install that before I start the build. That way if I ever have any issue later I can fix and run new wires without having to rip into the build. Conduit will run under the trailer frame for all the running lights.

I’m not going to get into the specific schematics, frankly because I don’t have them yet and still have to hash them out with an electrician. I have the idea in my head of what I need to have in the trailer I just have to decide how intricate I want to make it. Here is a short list of electronic accessories I’m going to install:

  • Vent fan
  • LED lights
  • External plugin option for the electrical system

It will be a super basic setup. We aren’t planning on taking the teardrop out for long periods of time so we only need the basics.

We have an awesome battery pack for our phones. It’s a portable charger and will charge a phone roughly 5 times. Plus we are always driving and sightseeing so we can charge while we are driving. Check them out here, they are super useful.

I’m going to go with a basic 12v system and also have a electrical hookup into a 110v system.

I probably will rarely use the 110v system but it will be a nice feature to have. I will also carry a backup battery as well.

I’ve been going through a ton of Youtube videos here are a few I’ve found really helpful I actually install the electric I’ll take a lot of photos and give a schematic. Give me some tips in the comments.

What did you wish you had done with the electric in your teardrop?

And what were some mistakes you made?

Louis Gilliland

Louis Gilliland

He began his career as a mechanic, working on cars, trucks, and trailers in Michigan for over 20 years. He quickly developed a passion for towing and hitches and began specializing in that field. Louis started his own business installing hitches and providing towing services, quickly building a reputation as one of the best in the state. He also began teaching and training other mechanics on proper hitch installation and towing safety.