Teardrop Trailer Floor Plan

Now that I have everything mostly thought through I need to work out the floor plan. I have two small kids so I need to consider a place for them to sleep. I’ve found a few cool Ideas surfing around the internet.

Once the kids get a few years older we can put them in their own tent. We always tent camped when we were kids and up till this build our family has always stayed in tents. I’m going to share with you what I’ve drawn out so far for my teardrop trailer floor plan.

Teardrop Trailer Floor Plan

Teardrop Trailer Floor Plan

Since this is not a normal teardrop shape the floor plan is a tad bit different. I like it alot actually. I think it will feel much more roomier than a vintage teardrop trailer.

I’m not going to install the galley in the back, instead it’s going to be a bed. I’ll save a ton of weight by not having the traditional teardrop galley and cabinets.

The weight I’ll save will be going into to building the teardrop/camper 6 foot tall.

Headroom Plan

One thing my wife really wanted was to be able to stand up inside. That’s why I went 6 foot tall. We are only roughly 5 foot tall so it should be just tall enough for us to stand up with a little head bend.

The deck for the bed will be 8-9 inches deep so with bedding that will leave just about 5 foot to the ceiling.

Right inside the door I’m going to have a little step so if its raining it will be a quick and easy way to just step up into the trailer.

The step riser will also be a drawer that can slide out if the door is open. My wife wanted lots of storage so I had to get creative. One reason I have a 8 inch deep deck is for storage.

Aside from a small cabinet in the front top corner the deck is the only real storage space I’ll have. I am tossing around a few storage ideas in the fenders though.

Bunk Bed Plan

I saw a few really cool Ideas for hanging beds online. I was just going to build a bed out of plywood but then someone mentioned that if I just made them out of rods and cots then they could be removable. Thats a really good idea especially if the kids will not be sleeping in there in a few years.

When they get their own tent I’ll take out the hanging cot and possibly put a small cabinet in there.

Storage Plan

From the door to the back divider wall where the galley would normally be will be all storage. I’m going to have a plywood lid that just sits on there and can be removable.

We can put our heavy items and things in the main storage when we are moving. It will be nice because it is right in front of the axel and will help with weight distribution.

By the pillows on the main bed I’m going to have two little cubbies with lids, that will help with wallets and phones and things. Under the pillow will be one long skinny cubby.

Bedding Plan

I’m not sure about the bedding yet. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that if your planning on camping in the cold that the memory foam hardens and can be uncomfortable. I think I’ll try out a Sofcover Queen mattress and see how it goes.

So there is my teardrop trailer floor plan. If you are thinking of a wide open feel for your teardrop and don’t want to add the whole galley maybe this will give you some ideas.

Louis Gilliland

Louis Gilliland

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