Teardrop Trailer Kits, Is It Better to Build From a Plan Or a Kit?

You are itching to build a teardrop and get out there to your favorite camping location to hang out around the fire drinking coffee next to your freshly built teardrop trailer. I know the feeling. One great option for those who want to build a teardrop but aren’t super handy and resourceful is to buy a teardrop trailer kit.

There are a couple of great companies out there that have different kit options available. Honestly, as I did more research on buying a kit I was surprised that there aren’t more companies offering teardrop trailer kits. It seemed a little hard to find a decent company.

Teardrop Trailer Kits

Teardrop Trailer Kits

You can buy a whole kit with every single piece you will need to build a teardrop. Some companies offer partial kits where they just send you the walls. There are many different kit options to choose from. One thing about kits is that they can be expensive, especially once you add shipping.

The cheaper kits available seem to fall into the category of you get what you pay for. They are very base models and designs. Once you get into the better kits they start to cost near 4 figures. At that point it’s almost not worth it to build your own with a kit.

You might as well just buy a nice used teardrop trailer. Another thing you need to consider is do you want a kit that comes with the trailer or without the trailer. Most kits are designed to work with a Harbor Freight or Northern Tool trailer.

It is up to you which option will work better for your situation. We have compiled a few different kits from different companies that you can purchase to start your first teardrop trailer build.

(Disclaimer: I have never used any of these companies. And I have not been paid to promote any of them. These are just a few I found online that I thought looked interesting.)

Chesapeake Light Craft

CLC is a wooden boat company but they offer a really cool teardrop trailer kit. This kit seems like it’s a more advanced build. It looks gorgeous when it is completed. Coming from a wooden boat company it is all stitch and glue fiberglass.

They don’t include the trailer in the kit but the CLC teardrop is designed for a standard Harbor Freight trailer. They actually designed it to be towed by a Mini Cooper. It is by far the prettiest teardrop you will ever see in regards to its unique shape and wood work.

The Teardroppers

The Teardroppers offer a kit for just about every level of the build. They offer a kit based on a 5×8 trailer and it is available in wood or aluminum. The kits they sell give you all the patterns and you buy the wood at your local store. They also have complete kits where they send you all the pieces you need.

Teardrop Trailer Kit or Build?

Those two companies are the main two suppliers I could find for teardrop trailer kits. I was actually really surprised there aren’t more.

I’m sure there are more but they aren’t that easy to find. Maybe there isn’t a big market for teardrop trailer kits. I guess those who want to build a teardrop trailer are the type of people who like to do things themselves so they would lean more toward just buying a teardrop trailer plan and not a whole kit.

And if you have the money to buy a kit you might rather just buy a completed custom teardrop built just for you. That’s an interesting thought and would explain why there aren’t many companies selling kits. I can tell you there are a decent amount of searches online for teardrop trailer kits though.

So the question becomes do you want to spend the extra money and buy a teardrop trailer kit or just build it from scratch? That is a decision you have to make. I am going to go totally from scratch and build it on a used trailer. I can do the work and make the walls and roof myself.

Let me know in the comments if you would rather have a teardrop trailer kit? Or would you rather build one from scratch yourself?

Louis Gilliland

Louis Gilliland

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